Terms and rent rules.



Renting a metal detector implies the physical presence of the customer at our company’s offices. Before the rental, you will be shown how the device works. During the rental period, the customer can also contact the specialist technicians of the company for any technical question, clarification and assistance needed on the way the device works. Technical Support is available from 09:00 until 22:00 from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 18:00 on Saturday.


Before renting, check the equipment. The customer must take full control of the equipment he will rent and be sure everything works properly. The customer is responsible for any damage that may occur during the rental. Polatidis Group is not responsible for any problems encountered during the use of the metal detector.




ενοικίαση ανιχνευτή μετάλλων


Any damages or technical problems are covered by the customer. We always check in front of the customer the equipment we receive from rental for damage (scratches, breaks, electronic problems, etc.). The customer is responsible for any damage or damage to the returned machinery. If the damage is to be repaired then we calculate the repair costs and inform the customer. Otherwise, the customer is required to pay 80% of the value of the equipment if it was new.



The same applies in case of loss of equipment. Payment by the customer, in all cases, must be done on the spot with the delivery of the rented equipment. In the event of damage, it is not allowed to open the products and try to repair them. If you receive an open product then you will have to pay 80% of the cost of the product if it was new.









One day of billing does not include the day of receipt and delivery. Rental days are from 1 to 10 days for specific metal detector models. If your return is the next day, there will be an extra charge of one day.



The rental payment will be made in advance. Payment methods are cash, credit card or account deposit. Credits are not accepted. If you do not pay 100% of the amount, the equipment will not be delivered to you and the rental will be canceled . If you want to bind a metal detector for rent for some specific dates then you will have to pay 30% of the rental costs in advance and the remaining 70% must have been repaid before the equipment is delivered by us. If you cancel the rental, 30% of the deposit is withheld and you will not be refunded. If the 30% deposit is not made then the equipment is not blocked and another customer can bind him.



What we will need from you.

  • A police ID
  • Payment of the guarantee. Metal detectors rented have a warranty amount that is configured depending on the detector. The amount of the guarantee is immediately returned to the customer upon return of the detector



To rent a metal detector, call us at 23810 23237 and 6941 550822





ενοικιάσεις ανιχνευτών χρυσού







Highlighting of the ministry for rent-based legislation State Gazette No. 1440 / Β / 2012 (Government Gazette 153 / Α / 28-6-2002) (Government Gazette 1124 / Β / 2003):

  • Devices available for rent must be registered in the above special registry
  • Tenants of the above machines must be legally licensed to use the rented machinery by submitting the required supporting documents in accordance with 2